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Original Music Composition and Sound Design 

Original Music Composed By: 

Alex Zarfati II

How Did I Contribute

For this project we were in charge of everything that had to do with Post Production, Story boarding, Video editing and Animation, Sound design, as well as writing and Producing the musical score.

What was The Process

Our Process for this project started with the music. We drew inspiration from the Raw footage but we crafted the video edit from the musical score that was created by Alex Zarfati. We skipped the process of storyboarding and went straight into creating the voice over. We then started to build the edit around the original music piece that Alex created.
The music was driven by a creepy and haunting vocal chant and tribal sounding drums that becomes the heart of the edit. From there we jumped into the final edit and this by far took the longest out of the whole process. Because we fell in love with the sound of the score and built the foundation off of it we wanted to fit the puzzle perfectly with what you saw on screen.

After many long hours we felt like we had something very special. An edit that showed all of our teams strengths, from animation to sound design we though we created something very entertaining and tasteful.


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