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Original Music Composition By: ALEX ZARFATI II 

How Did I Contribute

For this project we were in charge of the original music Composition as well as Sound Design and Audio Restoration.

What Was The Process

For this film we really wanted to capture not only what it was to be a power-lifter but what it was to be a Westside Barbell member.We broke this project down and really got to the core of what the film was trying to accomplish. The director told us many times, this film is not what it seems. There was this underline emotion that had to be built up throughout the film that was very easy to miss if you were just paying attention to the surface.
We wanted to give the film its own sound and not do anything conventional as far as scoring for a normal film. We wanted to experiment with synthesizers and guitars and mesh all kinds of effects in our sound pallet to be able to be the sound of strength, pain sadness and all the other emotions that this film was going to display.



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